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Best Projector for Movie Watching

If you love watching movies, one of the most important gadgets that you should use is a projector. The best projector for movie watching should offer unmatched picture clarity and display. If you require a picture larger than 75inches, whether, at home or the cinema, your TV is insufficient for this purpose, you will require a projector.

Be assured to get the best reviews on the best projector for watching movies. Movie experience starts with a quality projector. Portability, resolution, projector technology and brightness are some of the key aspects that you should consider when selecting the best projector for movie watching.

tech gadget projectors

4K Samsung TV Review

4kmTVs have four times more pixels when compared to the 1080p TVs. The screen technology is color Gamut (WCG) or Dynamic range (HDR) that exhibits the pixels to their full glory.

The Samsung Q6FN QLED series of 4K TV’s

This 4K TV is among the best 4K TV’s in 2018. It is more colorful and brighter than its predecessor. It uses full array local dimming to avoid contrast problems. The Samsung Q9FN boasts of maximum high dynamic range experience.

The Q9FN has improved on the QLED Color performance than its predecessors; it comes with several features that make it a perfect gaming monitor.

Samsung Q9FN combines outstanding contrast, extreme brightness, excellent color ‘volume’ and wide color response to deliver excellent HDR pictures.

New PlayStation 5 Specs

  • Memory –RAM. Two probable technologies might be utilized. NRAM or 3D stacked RAM. NRAM is a non-volatile memory technology that relies on carbon nanotubes. 3D stacked memory involves staking multiple layers of electrodes for increased data storage.
  • Unified operating system. It is likely that Sony will create a unified operating system that will be able to work on the PS5, your smartphone, VR headset or any other gadgets they will develop.
  • Security and privacy. Sony is likely to use a two-tier verification using biometric security.


  • Resolutions. PS4 HAS 4K display. Based on technological advancements. It is likely that PS5 will run on 16 k display.
  • VR or Television. PS5 is more likely to have a combination of the two. We may be using an aspect of virtual reality headsets and television to watch our games.
  • Hard drive or cloud. There is a possibility that PS5 might have games stored on the cloud thus eliminating the requirement of a traditional console.
  • CPU processing power. The main feature of PS5 will be its CPU processing power. It will either be a physical or cloud base console.

Huawei P20 Pro review

Huawei P20 is the advancement form the P10 instead of having a P11 we have P20. This smartphone has set rerecord to be the first with three cameras; this is advancements from dual camera smartphones. It is a phone with super photography capabilities. Besides the trio camera, the P20 has 6GB of RAM, 4000 mAh battery and 128 GB storage.

Huawei has embarked on a unique design for the P20 with a glass back and a metallic frame. As for the color, the twilight option changes is from blue to purple; the phone also comes in midnight blue, black and pink gold.

Main Features

• Huawei P20 Pro is IP67 water resistant

• It has 3.5 mm headphone jack

• a fingerprint sensor on the front

• Three rare cameras

• 6.1 in display

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