The Stabilizer Movie Reviews

This movie was cast in 1986; the Punjabi brothers happened to be at the airport in Indonesia when the action maestro Arizal was landing for a holiday. When they met him, they approached him to feature in a movie seeing that he very much resembled Rambo. What followed was the movie the Stabilizer.

Peter O Brain is acting as the stabilizer, a non-nonsense American detective in Indonesia trailing a Kingpin who murdered his fiancé It also happens that this kingpin (Craig Gavin) is responsible for the kidnapping of a scientist who invented a narcotics detector. This invention creates panic among the barons. Thanks to the scientist’s daughter who teamed up with O’ Brian and an Indonesian cop to track and arrest the kingpin and his associates.

The Stabilizer opens up as a cool movie, yet it is filled with machine gun fires, lots of fighting and explosions. Brian is a deep voice cop with an American accent. His vocabulary is nasty as you can hear this words in his conversations “That bastard…”, “that son of a bitch…” especially when referring to Gavin. Gavin appears to be a thug you won’t want to step on your foot by accident. His choice weapon is a pair of pointed cleats attached to his shoes. He limbs as a result of an injury he incurred from a former encounter with O’ Brian. The gang he led is comprised of Indonesian stuntmen, most of who have triangular earrings, but among them, one Mr. T stands out.

In the stabilizer, O’Brian proves it is possible to jump over the face of someone with dirty bike wheels and still proceed with their ride.

We see stuntmen hit around and through walls, tables, and shelves. In this movie, both the villains and the heroes get their fair share of punishment. We see Gavin and Lackey on a dirt bike and being dragged while tried with ropes on the ground, In a few minutes the same is replicated to the villains, Gavin is caught up by O’Brien as he tries to escape and is dragged tried by ropes.



As the action continues, we encounter mayhem of approaches for dirty bikes, speedboats, helicopters, and jeeps. The Stabilizer portrays scenes that defy gravity. Arizal gives a hard time for both men and ladies, the kingpin and his associates have to face it off with the scientist’s daughter. This makes the movie exciting. The Stabilizer has its share of madness like scenes of men feasting on live lizards and speedboats attached to torpedoes. This movie is filled with thrilling action. You will hardly miss the fun and excitement of watching the Stabilizer. If you take pride in action movies, then The Stabilizer is a great movie to start with.