Award Winning Toys for 1 Year Olds in 2018

Choosing a toy for a one-year-old kid can be tricky and challenging. You need to look for the one that will keep your baby engaged. You also need to look for a toy that will help your kid develop. At the same time safe for them to play with. That is why you have to look for a toy that will keep your kids engaged. They also supposed to help kids in enhancing their speech, walking and making them active learning. You do not have to worry about finding the best toy for a one-year kid.

You can now buy from a range of award winning toys 1 year old 2018 that you can choose from. The good thing is, you can now purchase these toys for your new coming toddler or even buy for a friend.

Here are some of the of toys to buy for a one-year kid

VTech and Sing Puppy

The toy is for pulling, so when pulled it produce some sounds. Children gain more through it and enjoy a singing puppy. They learn about colors, parts of the body as well as numbers.

Little Girl Play With Toy

It produces over 60 songs, sounds, melodies, and phrases keeping young ones entertained. It only needs two AAA batteries to be able to do all that.

Hape Pound and Tap Bench with slide out the xylophone

This toy has a small wooden kind of hammer for hitting. It has balls on it which are knocked to produce the desired outcome. On pounding the ball, it produces a little tune for kids. Therefore, they learn to recognize music while young. This skill is referred to as cause and effect aspect. Still, the kid will see the fun in the toy as one considers what can be done.

Leapfrog shapes and sharing picnic basket

This basket is for kid’s picnics. It has all the essentials for picnic such as necessary utensils and blanket. Various forms are used in making the food and can be sorted as they play. As they classify them on a plate, it got some learning. On lifting the lid, sound spills out. The 30 audio responses make a great imaginative play. It is equipped with three AAA batteries.

First 100 words

The book helps a kid to master vocabulary. It has bright features of apples, the ball as well as cows. This helps them to differentiate them even as they grow.

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By pointing to them the ball, the cow-drawn they recognize them from each other. Their mind hence grows.

VTech Sit-to-Stand Learning Walker

The baby can walk, stand, crawl or sit on the doll. The front part comes out, and they can use it separately to play. The removable section is of buttons and musical elements. It facilitates walking of the kid by opening the seat in the back.

Fisher-Price Basics Baby’s Initial Blocks

Through blocks, kids learn how to gather items. They form different shapes and learn by placing them to create one element. They have to put it in the correct slot. These blocks are in five shapes with ten pieces. It is easy to carry as it has a handle and a lid.

Munchkin Letters and Numbers Bath Toys, 36 Count

It has simple and inexpensive numbers as well as letters. It has 26 letters and numbers 0-9. The numbers and letters are sticky to smooth surfaces when wet.

It makes have all desirable elements for the kid when having bath fun and learning. Kids learn from sound how to spell words and read.

Fisher-Price Basics Baby’s Initial Doll

The doll helps kids in fostering their imagination. They take the toy and point at various parts of the body. They learn exact words from multiple parts of the body as they point at specific parts of their body.

The doll is made soft and cuddy to enhance social recognition and comfort when handled. The built-in rattle improves auditory skills.

Fisher Price Classics Retro Chatter Phone

It inspires the imagination of the kids. It teaches them of the digital era. By using it as a phone to ‘communicate’ with their friends they grow knowing how to use a phone. It rings when they dial, and this makes the kids to be entertained.