Backseat Dolly Movie Reviews

The movie is based on the story of Dolly Levi (Barbra Streisand) based on a comedy by Thornton Wilder “the MATCHMAKER”. It presents an extemporary matchmaker who was contracted by Horace (Walter Matthau) to get him a wife. Horace also tasked Dolly to relocate his niece Ermengarde (Joyce Ames) To New York City to help her forget her lover Ambrose (Tommy Tune) and abandon plans of marrying him.

On the contrary, Dolly assists Ermengarde to acquire permission to get married to Ambrose from his uncle. Also, Dolly finds matches for Horace two clerks and gives them insights on the way to be promoted. Dolly works miracles in helping others locate their ideal matches.


At the end Dolly the perfect matchmaker makes complex moves that land her as the match for Horace. This is the story of Dolly, the queen matchmaker. Dolly seems to have the upper hand in assisting people around her to discover themselves.

Dolly works magic, finding matches for all around her and transforming her life, but for her, she seems to lack the confidence to do so. This is evident when Horace proposes to marry her; she has to wait for a sign from her late husband “Ephraim.” She seems to be still mourning her late husband. But finally, she gets a sign that Horace is a perfect match for her. Dolly uses the phrase “Before the parade passes by” To indicate that she wants to get a match before it is too late for her to enjoy life.

The movie features slight story with extensive song and dance, Choreographed by Michael Kidd and directed by Gene Kelly.

Done in 1890,s, this movie appeals to all categories of people, even children above eight years. Hello, Dolly is really fun, it will leave you amazed and singing all along the beautiful tunes like “ It only takes a moment,” Hello, Dolly,” and “ put on your Sunday clothes.” You will realize that your children will recognize some of these songs from Disney and other Kids favorites.

Hello, Dolly will keep you entertained with a perfect mix of comedy, dance, choral and the singing. You can hardly ignore the dancing. Hello, Dolly has won several Awards such as 10 Tony awards in 1964. It also featured in Seven Award-winning film with Barbra Streisand.


Besides the fun and music, there is a lot families can learn from the movie like how comes Dolly can assist others and help them transform their life’s, yet for her, it doesn’t seem to be that easy, also her view of life and Horace view of the same.

I would recommend this movie to anyone one who is up to fun and enjoys old school music and dance. Hello, Dolly is a movie that will catch your attention; you won’t realize how fast it ends courtesy of the comedy, song, and dance. The movie has stood the taste of time though it is an old cast it finds its way to movie theaters in major world cities like New York. The song and dance and comedy makes this movie ideal for children; they have a lot to connect with in the movie.