How Can Clubs Make Golf More Appealing To Youngsters?

Golf is an interesting sport. However, when you visit many golf courses, you’ll find little or no youngsters playing this fantastic sport. Especially with the advent of technology, young people choose to stay at home and watching movies or chatting on social media. But have we ever sat down and asked ourselves if is there something that puts them off when it comes to playing golf?

Maybe there are things that don’t appeal to them in this sport and they just choose to stay away. In this article, we’re going to look at tips to make golf more appealing to youngsters.

Change Golf’s Image

Most people view golf as a game for the elite. A game played old men who have a class in the community. Moreover, it’s played with lots of seriousness that can push the youth away. If we’re going to attract youngsters, then we need to change that image.


Encourage the youth to play the sport. Make it appear as cool as another sport, and you will be sure to get youths playing. While golf is rooted in tradition, let’s try and change that culture to make fun for young people.

Reduce Costs Related to Playing Golf

The game of golf doesn’t have to be extremely costly. Some families can’t afford some golf playing luxuries such as spending money on a new driver.

Add the costs of playing to the costs of buying golf trolleys, a supply of balls, and specific types of clothing many youths won’t be interested, especially with the rising youth unemployment. learn more of ways to reduce all the costs associated with golf and you’ll make a big step towards attracting youngsters.

Get Rid of Formal Clothing

Formal clothing imposed by golf courses continues to push youngster golfers away. Young people love expressing themselves wherever they go and when you put limitations on them, they will just leave. Evolve the game of golf and let it adopt new fashions. Get rid of the “no golf shoes – no play, no collared shirt – no play.” Older members can’t continue dressing in the formal attires but for the young people, let them play in clothing they’re comfortable in.

Allow Music on the Course


Young people love listening and sharing music with others. Music is a morale-booster and helps people to stay active. Therefore, allow them to play decent music on the course and at a reasonable volume. You’ll be surprised at how many youngsters you attract.

Educate Youngsters on the Benefits of Golf

The game of golf has several benefits that have for long been overlooked. It helps people to stay physically active and maintain a healthy body. Especially with the rising cases of obesity, educate them on how golf can help them improve their overall health and well-being. The best thing about golf is that it’s not strenuous. Therefore, they can improve their health and physical being in a good way.

Gold should not be a game just for the middle-aged or old people; youngsters should also take part in this sport. Use these tips and you’ll make the game appealing to young people.