How Do You Hit A Two Handed Backhand?

If you’ve ever wanted to improve or perfect your handed backhand, follow these steps and you’ll be on your way. Give these simple tips a try in your next match.

Set up

Start in the ready position, and always keep your eye on the tennis ball. As it moves toward you coming to your backhand side, spin the racquet into your favorite backhand grip.

The most popular one-handed grip is the eastern backhand. Not sure of what this entails? Rotate your right counter-clockwise on the handle to make a V with your forefinger and thumb. The V should be slightly to the left off the top of the grip

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If this sounds confusing, don’t worry – the eastern backhand grip is actually one of the most natural grips out there. An easy way to find your grip is to place the racquet under your arm and grip the handle as naturally as possible. Remember, keep your arm straight. Never let your wrist bend!


Staying light on your feet is key for the perfect one handed backhand return of serve. Pivot your feet to the left. This will ensure your front shoulder is facing the ball, ready for the backswing. Make sure your racquet head stays up!


Bend your arm a little and take the racquet back over your chest. Turn your shoulders and torso and make your backswing. Never take your eyes off the ball, even if it’s tempting to swing hard without looking!



Swing towards the ball, letting go of the racquet from your non-hitting hand. Bring your weight forward, onto your front foot. Make sure to stay sideways when contacting the ball.

Follow through

Keeping your elbow straight and your racquet facing up, follow through. Try to stay balanced even after you’ve returned the ball. Your momentum will allow you to return to the ready position with ease.

A single-handed backhand is a great defensive maneuver, and also comes in handy when you need to attack. Some people struggle in learning the one-handed backswing,