How Graphic Design Worked Before There Was Photoshop

Photoshop, the beginning of graphic designing

It should be right to say that image manipulation has been quite an important thing for a long time now, for personal and commercial reasons. Once you have some snapped photos, it’s quite hard to use them without some form of manipulation.

That’s why there have been a couple of programs that one can use to manipulate images in whatever form they prefer. You can hop over to this website to learn more about Adobe as one of the most popular image manipulation software.

Graphic designing before Photoshop

Modern graphics designing came to reality with the development of a Photoshop program built in 1987. The reality, however, is that there was a time when Photoshop did not exist. That does not mean that image editing was not done then.

Adobe Photoshop on a tablet

Even though image editing was done before Photoshop was born, it was quite challenging as the process was quite complicated. The process was manual and had a lot to do with the skills of the person working on the documents.

So, how did graphic designing work before Photoshop?

Well to make it work, manipulators had to use a couple of tools that included:

1. Technical Pens

“Rapidograph,” also known as a technical pen was what architects used to draw perfect lines. That way, they were able to draw image outlines before they started working on them.

2. Rubber cement

To make designs that would accumulate different parts of one or several images, one had to use rubber cement, which was basically used as a clip to hang something.

3. Typography

To make it easier to create different forms of writing or content, professionals had to use typographers as they made word art possible.

4. French rules


Making curves in images would have been so hard if French rules had not been in existence. They were an equivalent of the tools used in Photoshop to create curves.

5. T-Square and Triangle

The t-square and triangle were so useful in traditional graphic designing as they were used in making perfect measurements for an excellent illusion.

To sum it all

That was basically how graphic designing was achieved in before the rise of Photoshop. Of course, one more thing, perhaps the most important, was also needed – high precision. Even though graphics designing was quite a challenge, it was still achievable as long as one took their time.