How Long Can I Wear Compression Sleeves

As much as compression sleeves may be useful in boosting your performance, you should not wear them just any time you please for however long you want. For instance, you can’t wear compression sleeves to bed unless your physician advises you otherwise.

Wearing them for a long time produces similar results to wearing other skin-tight garments: the result is the over-constriction of your blood vessels and development of arthritis. So how long can you wear your compression sleeves?

The trick is to wear compression sleeves as long as you need them, for the outlined purpose, and proceed to remove them immediately afterward. Once you’ve completed jogging, for instance, there is no point in keeping them on your arms after the exercise. find compression sleeve on amazon that fits your athletic needs. Here is when to wear your compression sleeves:

During the exercise


This is the purpose a typical compression sleeve is made for. During exercise, compression sleeves support sufficient blood circulation in the arm. Ample blood circulation helps prevent the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. Compression sleeves also reduce vibration in muscles. This helps in improving the muscles’ mechanics and efficiency.


You can wear your compression sleeves as part of your recovery program. Compressive sleeves decrease soreness and swellings, especially in such areas as ankles, wrists, and knees.

The oxygen level in your body will drop during intensive exercise. You’ll, therefore, need to wear compression sleeves after the workout to improve blood circulation in the body and replenish the oxygen.



If you are a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast trying to adhere to a specific exercise regime, but you need to travel at the same time, you may need to wear a compression sleeve to maintain healthy blood circulation in your muscles and pooling in your arms.