How To Handle Emergencies While Camping

Camping is that type of outdoor activity that helps you to unwind and bond with your family and friends in a different environment far away from the busy and overcrowded environment in the city. It gives you a unique experience since you are typically trying to survive like the people in the 16th century.

Accidents or rather, emergencies may spoil the fun. However, if you are open-minded and well prepared when going camping, this might not be the situation since you can handle emergencies appropriately.

So, how exactly can you handle emergencies while camping? Check This Out.

1. Pack the necessary equipment.


Handling emergencies while camping actually relies on the equipment you pack when going camping. This means that there are those essentials you MUST carry along with you according to the nature of camping. For instance, if you are going for an unknown period, you might consider carrying a water purifier or water treatment tablets. This is because the water from the streams is not 100% pure or rather clean for human consumption.

2. Pack your mobile phone.

Most people want to go camping to relax and probably cut off any interruptions back home. They may, therefore, fail to carry any communication gadgets with them. However, this is very dangerous. When going camping, it is advisable to take with you a mobile or satellite phone.

Additionally, you should have with you emergencies numbers, including the 911.With the above, you can easily call in the relevant authorities to your location of camping incase of an emergency.

3. Use the contents of a First Aid Kit.

Ever asked yourself why your car has a first aid kit? First Aid kits are meant to handle any injuries before handling by a medical practitioner. When preparing to go camping, you should, therefore, purchase a well equipped first aid kit. First aid kits contain equipment such as Bandages, Scapels, methylated spirit, pain killers etc. With such items at hand, you can quickly handle accidents that may occur while camping before calling in the nearest medical emergency provider.


Additionally, you should attend a first aid class where you are taught to handle emergencies before you go camping. In a first aid class, you are taught to perform crucial medical procedures such as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation(CPR).

4. Travel with your health insurance.

One mistake that people make when going camping is lack of proper research on the subject. When going camping, there are those things that people will rarely remind you to carry such as an up to date health insurance with a specific cover for emergency medical evacuations. Does the cover exist? Yes, it does.

Such health insurance will cover all your medical expenses in case you are evacuated from an emergency.With the above catered for, you will easily handle any emergencies that arise and enjoy your camping experience to the fullest!