Photo Editing For Beginners

Since the birth of photography, photographers have always made efforts to enhance their photos by tinting, cropping, and toning pictures to look great. A recent development in technology has come up with a digital camera that enables you to edit photos through image editing software.

For beginners, it may be a daunting prospect to use this editing software. Here are some tips for editing photos if you are a beginner.

Correct Exposure

Correct exposure implies getting the appropriate balance between the components of the exposure triangle that include a shutter, aperture, ISO, and speed.

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Balancing these components gives you a correctly exposed photo with no darker or brown areas. When editing, you just need to look at the histogram. The crests and troughs of the graph will tell whether the image has corrected exposure. If it is not, use your editing software to increase exposure by moving the sliders.

White Balance

Beginners can simply put the white balance in the camera adjustment that shows as the color temperature of the light you are taking the photo.

This is in relation to the standard neutral white. The ideal white balance should display white as it is perceived in reality without distorting the whiteness. You can adjust the white balance sliders to get a cool white or warm white.


You should ensure you check this out. Contrast is easy and simply means the strength of the blacks in a picture. After correct exposure and white balance, the photo looks flat. Contrast helps to fiddle on the shadows, blacks’ light areas, and highlights. The curves tab can also be useful in adjusting contrasts.

Noise and Sharpening

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The third tab has two black triangles for adjusting noise and sharpening. Here, you only need to make gentle adjustments. Pixels smoothness affects luminance, and you don’t want to go too much, or you may end up losing definition.

More so, the extent to which RGB pixels show up determines the color. Too much adjustment will strip your photo of color or make the pixel to look much saturated.


I hope the listed tips have helped you to understand the editing basics. Now you can have a clean edit of your photo even as a beginner. They will help you set good stead for more extravagant editing in the future.