VeriFast Courses Review

Online courses have become popular over the past few decades. As a result, there has been an establishment of different platforms that offer this education with the aim of making profits. The act has ruined the good reputation of similar platforms that provide an online course with students’ interest as a priority. Therefore, deciding which platform to take your class has become difficult. And if this is your case, you need to worry no more.


The company aims to close the gap that exists between what students learn in the universities and what the industry’s needs. The existing hole is based on ASIC verification of the current industry requirements. VeriFast has the best industry courses that you can find online. The company also provides consulting services.

VeriFast Technology Training

The company’s training programs direct from the entry to senior levels. The programs designs for learners who wish to learn, improved or do a specialization on the latest plans. These include the UVM and SystemVerilog. Their programs are web-based so that the learner can do the studies based on his or her pace.

The tutorials consist of video lectures and presentations, and hands-on practice labs. Once you are registered, you will also get access to Electronic Design automation simulation tools.

VeriFast Products and Services

The company multiple training lessons via vEDAsity which is a cloud-managed learning platform. The courses are ASIC Verification Semiconductor targeting for all senior levels. The company also develops Electronic Design Automation, which is cloud-based software. The software is for use by small-sized and medium size enterprise engineer teams. They are also developing vPivotal, a cloud-based library of silicon IP and an Engineering management platform.

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Along with their network partners, the company also aims at providing their customers with VLSI ASIC DESIGN VERIFICATION, enterprise cloud application, and embedded software development.

Training Programs

So far, the company has established five distinctive online courses. They have also been able to incorporate some new course training programs such as:

JumpStart: this is an introduction to what ASCI verification is. It covers all the necessities to understand the VLSI industry completely. It also includes from the basics of digital devices to fundamentals of Chip Design. It also covers the verification process through Verilog.

BootCamp SV: this program caters for users who are already familiar with the basics of verification. Also, it is built for those who are willing to dive deep into System Verilog.

JumpStart SV & UVM: design for first-time users and aims to enhance on their knowledge about the building of VLSI verification using SystemVerilog. It also guides users on how to send an insight into UVM.

Integrated ASIC Verification Courses: this program covers all details about VLSI industry.

Why Select VeriFast Training Programs

In comparison to other ASIC verification programs, VeriFast Technologies offers the most affordable and cost-effective in-depth solutions. They also provide short five-day reminder programs that are supposed to remind learners what they already learned but cannot remember.

Their systems are learn-at-your-own-pace so that you can fit your schedule where you feel comfortable. VSLI verification and CONSULTING COMPANY has experts who are working tirelessly to make sure that the company maintains an updated training module. They ensure that all the interested workers can get detailed insights into the courses that they are interested. Try VeriFast today, and enjoy the benefits.