What Ammo Is Good For 9mm?

The confidence derived from the knowledge that all is secure and safe. The feeling of safety that can be delivered by knowing that you have the right ammo to best protect yourself and loved ones. It is, therefore, proper to seek and obtain the right personal protection ammo regarding the defense of one’s self and property.

There are different variables when deciding on the right choice of ammo, just as there is an uncountable 9mm ammo for sale options available in the market.

The primary considerations in any situation are specifics like bullet weight, gun type, and caliber. Matching the perfect kind of ammo with the right firearm is paramount for effective defense. 9mm is widely accepted by many people to be the best self-defense pistol round. 9mm are preferred because of their compact size and low recoil. They come in different options, which makes it harder to choose from. To get the best 9mm Ammo you can consider the following;

Hornady Critical Duty 135gr +P


This is one of the most innovative rounds that can be found around. The bullet expands rapidly when it comes into contact with negligible core jacket separation. To enable decent penetration, it comes with a velocity that is 1110 feet per second. For enough power, it comes with 369-foot pounds of muzzle energy.

Speer Gold Dot 124gr

It is considered to be a favorite among many people. It has high attractive ballistics and is more affordable round. Its muzzle energy is 327 foot-pound, and its velocity comes at 1150 feet per second.

Its resistance to core-jacket separation is another positive characteristic of this bullet. This is a sound bet for those who prefer a longer barrel on their concealed carry sidearm.

Federal 124gr HST

For the average citizen, this is the best ammo option. Due to its 364 feet-pounds of energy, this 9mm packs a little wallop. Its penetration is excelled regardless of its non-bounded bulletin and its above-average expansion to boot.

Winchester PDX Defender 124gr +P

None can be compared to this self-defense round on the market. It is so effective that even the FBI chooses it to be its handgun ammo of choice. Its velocity of 1200 feet per second makes sure it penetrates soft targets. Produces a deep wound channel that is facilitated by its bounded bullet.


There are many types of ammo on the market. Finding one that you can depend on to secures the ones you love can prove challenging. Once you have gained a little knowledge and training, you should have more of an idea of the type of home protection ammo that you would benefit most from.