What’s The Best Driver For A Beginner Golfer?

Golfing is one game which requires to get squared off despite high odds like sand traps, weather, water amongst many. After facing that and getting a ball in a hundred yards away hole then you have to commence with bangs. And without an authentic driver then the whole experience will involve attempting to catch up no matter your handicap.

As a newbie hitting long drives into the distance can be a daunting task. However, possessing a good driver enables you up scores and achieve consistency here is more info on best golf driver for beginners.

Why newbie need specific golf drivers

It’s hard for beginners to hit drivers. Large heads and long shafts need experience which can influence a beginners experience, but other drivers have beginner-friendly designs. These are very comfortable and easier to hit.

Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver


Currently, this is the best driver for a beginner. It’s a sleek golf club which uses powerful technologies to heighten distances and ball speeds. Apart from the features, it’s aesthetically appealing and gives approving impact sound.

Design and Features

• E9 Face that’s forged: its E9 face that’s made from titanium is a significant highlight of the Cobra men’s king F6 driver. The driver features a hotter and lighter thickness structure that’s variable. This enhances the sweet spot’s size as well as creates further deflection.

• MYFLY-Eight: with this technology type, eight settings of the loft are set which is easily adjustable to ascertain that it’s effortless to have the trajectory managed adequately. Besides,, it aids in fine-tuning its launch condition to achieve maximum distance in spite of the golf course and the swing.


• Speed Channel: this driver utilizes this highly exclusive feature in increasing ball speeds. It entails using engineered channels along face perimeter so that ball speed is enhanced and thickness minimized.

• Shaft: it is graphite and found in four various flex options which are inclusive of senior flexes and x stiff.
• Feel: it has a stable and light feel. Golfers also find this driver well balanced and lightweight which makes it more comfortable to maneuver via your swing.


• Feels well balanced, light and stable
• Its adjustability functions in accordance with its description hence making it popular amongst many golfers.
• Possesses a peculiar speed channel which minimizes head thickness as well as increasing ball speed across faces.
• It’s rare to miss and notice when you’re using the Cobra men’s
• A hotter face design creates a huger sweet spot and adds ball speeds.


• Its stiff flex seems a little extra flexible.
• It at times may feel too lightweight as well as a bit whippy for other golfers.
• It is sometimes a daunting task for other golfers to have a big head squared up.


A beginner needs always to comprehend the need to utilize particular types of drives and just not any other kind. After knowing this, everything will be sky blue clear. Getting a good driver which is effortless to hit improves a beginners game.